Advanced Diploma Course in Photography

Are you planning to become a professional Photographer and excel your passion in photography to next level? Our Diploma course at SoP’s is just the kind of course you may need… Read More

Advertising and Product Photography

Advertising and Product Photography is a branch of photography that deals with the presentation of products intended to create awareness to the public in order to drive sales of that particular Read More

Food Photography

Food Photography is a major aspect of photography that deals with the presentation of foods for fast food restaurant flyers, billboards , Television cooking shows and Television commercials Read More

Fashion Photography

Fashion Photography is a major branch of photography that deals with the presentation of fabrics and cosmetic accessories alongside models for magazines, ezines, online fashion stores, fashion Read More

Event & Portraits Photography

Events and Portraits Photography is a branch of photography that deals with the photo documenting an event as well as taking pictures that are poised for intended to be used by the end users Read More

Hobby Photography

Whether you want to be a photographer or just love taking pictures, learn what you need with our in-depth courses in photography: how to shoot photos that tell a story Read More

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What Makes You Master The Art ?

Learn From Experts

At School of Photography we do have expert trainers in sharing their rich experience and in depth knowledge about photography with you.


Entire training session is based on theories & Outdoors practical assignments given to participants for every topic to be covered by trainers.

Practical Training

At School of Photography you just do not learn but practically do it yourself. Every session is taught practically as DSLR Cameras are compulsory in class.

About Us

Whether you want to be a photographer or just love taking pictures, learn what you need with our in-depth courses in photography: how to shoot photos that tell a story, choose the right gear, visual impressions, create a photo book and more. If you have the passion to fulfill your creative urges with booming ideas, then you need to make a head start. with you.

Why our photography courses are different?

Here at TGC, we don’t just teach photography to our student. We teach them how to sustain in this ever changing industry. We provide the opportunity to learn from professional and experienced teachers who are always eager to share their experience with the students. At TGC, we cover all the prominent fields of photography. We believe photography is a field that require creativity, so we don’t train them to follow what other photographers do. We train them to develop their own taste and style in photography. In our photography courses, we are committed to provide as much practical knowledge as we can through the assignments. Not only this, we also familiarize our student with latest development and updates in photography industry as this an ever changing field. Everyday there is something new here and we believe that it is important to stay up to date. Our photography courses are for both beginners and for those who are dedicated to strengthen their existing skills to grow more in their career. We have design our courses in student centric way, we are bound to keep our student at priority. We, at TGC, don’t believe just in showing path, we are committed to walk with you on that path so you never feel alone in your journey. with you.

Photography courses are beneficial for

Professional photography courses help you to gain theoretical knowledge but most importantly it help to experience the practical aspect. It will take you years learn from trial and error method, photography courses can help you minimize that “error” part when you work in the field. Photography is a booming industry and it is growing every second. Today, you can’t survive in this industry with basic knowledge of photography. There are millions of people who know the basics. But if you really want sustain and excel in this field, you have to be an expert. Even if you know how to operate a camera, it doesn’t make to an expert. It’s harsh, but true. It is always considered better to have all the knowledge of one field than a few knowledge of every field. That’s why it is very important for you to pursue a specialized photography course if you have basic knowledge photography. Of course, you can try to learn photography through online tutorials from YouTube, but remember it lacks structure. So, we can’t really know that is more important that what and in which way. Structure make things easy to understand. In photography course, we teach things in order they are meant to be taught. Also remember, there is a difference between the photographer who “show” you how to click and photographer who can “teach” you how to click, when to click and in what way. No tutorial can fill the place of a teacher who can interact with you.

Why join school of photography

At school of photography, we don’t want you to become next Henri Cartier-Bresson, Ansel Adams or Dabboo Ratnani for that matter. We want you to become the best of you, the unique you. It can only be happen when you explore more and more. We are committed to give as much industrial exposure as we can, here at school of photography. Here you can polish you existing photographic skills with help of our experienced teacher. We provided the guidance and infrastructure to gain career oriented skills. School of photography can help you to gain deep knowledge of commercial as well as creative photography. We don’t believe in bounding rather freeing you to know more and more by working with professionals. We provide a variety of course, so you can choose what is best for you. The dedicated photography courses help to gain specialized knowledge in your interested field of photography. We train our students to cope with ever changing business of photography. As an institution School of Photography has gain an excellent reputation through our dedication toward our students. We understand the importance of practical knowledge in photography. That’s why we focus on teaching through practical assignments and more outdoor classes. We believe in laying a strong foundation of fundamentals so you build as high as you want. As you know, every photo is a story and every story needs a storyteller. Here at School of photography, you can learn how to become an excellent storyteller through your clicks.


Being a student of designing, I always lured about photography but never knew from where to start it. Hectic weekdays never left me to explore more this was when I came across this Sunday – Funday concept and I joined it immediately. Boring Sundays turned to fantastic fundays!
Deepika PandaDeepika Panda
Being a working professional, I never used to get time for brushing my hobby of photography. Thanks to the Sunday classes I was able to learn the art of photography in easy and affordable way !
Bob FishBob Fish
I never thought Learning photography could be so much fun. I used to think that it would be difficult to understand the camera angles but the School made it look all of it an easy play with lenses and emotions. Thanks SOP !

Our Trainers & Mentors


Sandeep Singh

Faculty - Specialized in Fashion, Food and Beverages, Products, Advertising Photography


Faculty - Specialized in Product, Food, Interior & Documentary Photography