Advertising and product photography focus on portraying the product in most appealing manner so it can grab people attention and attract them to buy the product. Today, advertising is the back bone of media industry. It is the main source of revenue for them. And with passing time the importance to advertising is increasing rapidly and it had created a huge scope for product photography. A product is as beautiful as it is photographed. And beauty of a photo depend on the photographer. A good photographer must have a deep knowledge of lighting and matters. Apart from this, good understanding of color psychology is also required in advertising and product photography. For a company, their product is everything and they want the photographer to click it in that way. As an advertising and product photographer, one must have deep knowledge of photographic techniques and branding. Here at School of Photography, we give our student the core understanding this in our Advertising and Product Photography course.


Advertising and Product Photography course will focus on providing deep understanding of this field to our students. The course will cover the various aspects of product photography. In this course, we will provide expertized knowledge of digital photography using artificial lights. Apart from this, the course will also focus on the technical understanding of various things like Photo capture Setup, Framing and composition of product and models, colour combination, etc. For a better vision of advertising and product photography field, this course will provide deep knowledge of advertising industry, how it actual work and what is its scope in current time and future. In this course students will get the opportunity to interact with the experts of the field and attend their workshops. The goal is to make our student industry-ready after the completion of this course. For this, he/she will be provided all the necessary guidance and infrastructure to excel his/her growth and understanding.
We want our student to work with biggest advertising companies and live his/her dream to the fullest.


  • The basics of Photography
  • Cameras and Camera settings
  • Natural light photography
  • Artificial light photography
  • Photo capture set up
  • Picture Framing and composition
  • Advertising and Branding concepts used in Advertising photography
  • Picture Processing with Adobe Photoshop


The basics of Photography

  • Understanding the basics of digital photography
  • The difference between all the major branches of photography
  • File types (RAW and JPEG)
  • White balance
  • The exposure triangle – Aperture, shutter speed and ISO

Cameras and Camera settings

  • Digital Cameras
  • Lenses and Focal Lengths
  • Tripods and Accessories
  • Camera Modes- Auto mode, aperture priority and shutter priority

Natural light photography

  • Hard Light vs Soft light
  • Diffusers and Reflectors
  • Natural light sources
  • Use of light in story telling
  • Front, back and side lights

Artificial light photography

  • Lighting Modifiers and Accessories
  • Lighting gear and studio lighting kits
  • Equipment setups- Studio lights and umbrellas
  • Remote Flash and Radio Wave
  • Standing Light and soft boxes

Photo capture set up

  • Photography work area establishment
  • Photo background selection
  • Shot Plan
  • Scene Creation
  • Use of props, backgrounds, surfaces and linens

Picture Framing and composition

  • Model Placement and pose setting
  • Rule of Thirds
  • Focus
  • Depth of Field
  • Perspective and Angle
  • Focal length, Lens compression and depth of field
  • Shapes , lines and colors

Advertising and Branding concepts used in Advertising photography

  • Knowledge of branding, logo and color combination as it applies to advertising
  • The concepts of advertising
  • Understanding the business of advertising and advert financing and execution
  • Tricks and tips used in the multimedia industry for ads photography

Picture Processing with Adobe Photoshop

  • File compatibility
  • Color corrections and image adjustments
  • Color space
  • Photo manipulation and photo effects
  • Tricks and tips used in Adobe Photoshop for photo editing
  • Back up and storage
  • Copyrighting
  • Understanding the fashion photography business


  • Carry out internationally standard product  shoots for online stores, magazines, ezines and billboards.


  • Adobe Photoshop
  • A DSLR Camera


After completing the Advertising and product photography course you will many career options as a photographer. Today there are many advertising companies all over the world, there is always a requirement of a good advertising and product photographers in these companies. A photographers with good skills and knowledge can easily work in these companies and can earn a good amount money. Apart from this, one can do a freelancing in product photography. It will give more freedom and liberty to work on his/her conditions. Today, freelancing is one the popular choices of photographer. And of course, you can make a lot of money if you master the business model and earn a name in this field. Advertising is a rapidly growing industry and every person involved in advertising with a relevant skills have a bright future in the field. So there is no worry, when it comes to have career in advertising and product photography if you are trained and knowledge for the same.

  • Advert/Product   Photographer

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