Best Fashion Photographers in Last One Decade

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Fashion photography courses in Delh

Fashion photography dominates the world of fashion and all modern trends. Different fashion photographers have different styles which cannot match with anyone else’s. In this post, we will discuss the most popular and most effective fashion photographers over the past decade. At TGC School of Photography, which is also the best training institute of Photography in Delhi covers critical study on life and work of following photographers during all its training.

Mario Testino

Fashion photography courses in Delhi

He is one of the most influential photographers in the world. Mario Testino became famous for his commercial and cultural zeitgeist and he is one of the most anticipated creative partners in beauty and fashion industry these days. You can find his work in most of the international magazines like Vanity Fair and Vogue and he has played a vital role in the success of a lot of leading beauty and fashion brands through ad campaigns, including Dolce & Gabbana, Burberry, Gucci, and Versace. At TGC school of photography in Delhi and Jaipur we feature works of Mario Testino.

Albert Watson

Fashion photography courses in DelhiHe has made his foray as one of the most successful commercial and fashion photographers in the world over the past decades, while creating his official art on the way. His great images have appeared over the years in around 100 magazine covers of Vogue across the world and had been featured in several other publications, like Time to Vibe and Rolling Stone. At fashion photography course in Delhi and Jaipur we feature works of Albert Watson.

Irving Penn

Fashion photography courses in Delhi

He was an American photographer well regarded for his portraits, fashion photography, and still life photos. He worked for Vogue magazine and also worked independently for advertising campaigns of clients like Clinique and Issey Miyake throughout his career. His work has been seen across the world and still inspires the wannabe photographers with his art of photography.  At fashion photography workshop in Delhi and Jaipur we feature works of Irving Penn.

Steven Klein

Fashion photography courses in Delhi

After completing his studies on painting at the Rhode Island School of Design, Steven Klein ventured into the world of photography. He shot high-profile ad campaigns for leading clients like D&G, Calvin Klein, Nike, and Alexander McQueen. He is also a regular contributor to Paris and American Vogue, W, i-D, Numero, and Arena. His work has also been displayed in several exhibitions, including the Brancolini Grimaldi Gallery in Florence, and Gagosian Gallery. Klein is well regarded for his editorials with A-listers like Tom Ford, Madonna, and Brad Pitt. At fashion photography courses in Delhi and Jaipur we feature works of Steven Klein.

Bruce Weber

Fashion photography courses in Delhi

He is an occasional filmmaker and American fashion photographer. He is well regarded for his ad campaigns for Ralph Lauren, Calvin Klein, Pirelli, Lauren, Revlon, Abercrombie & Finch, and Gianni Versace, and he also worked for magazines like GQ, Vogue, Elle, Vanity Fair, Interview, Life, and Rolling Stone. At fashion photography workshop in Delhi and Jaipur we feature works of Bruce Weber.

Arjun Mark

Fashion photography courses in Delhi

Arjun Mark is the well-known editorial and advertising photographer who is well regarded as the only Indian photographer in the well-known international WPGA Awards. He has shot for a lot of magazines and worked for many celebrities as an industry leader. He has a different sense of creativity in his works and he exhibits his ideas through a unique imagery style. He also has several awards under his belt and he has been one of the top 200 photographers in the world.  At fashion photography courses in Delhi and Jaipur we feature works of Arjun Mark.

Bottom Line

If you have got inspiration from these photographers and want to start your career in fashion photography, TGC India is the leading photography training institute in India offering various fashion photography courses in Delhi.


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