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Photography is a passion, as well as a profession. Reproducing that perfect moment on camera is a great skill to have whether you take it up as a hobby or as a profession.

Now, what if the photography is of food? Simply put, it’ll be a dream come true for food enthusiasts! Food photography sure comes in handy to up the likes and comments game in your favourite social media platform, but that’s not all. It’s commercially viable as advertising material in restaurant billboards, television cookery shows, fast-food joint fliers, and the like. You get the drift.

However straightforward it might look, food photography is simply not about photographing your plate of food, there is more than meets the eye here. Capturing that perfect shot which will make even an apparently ordinary-looking subject eye-popping in an image is not very easy. It requires creativity as well as adherence to proper techniques. Thus food photography is both an art as well as science with enough room for innovating and expressing your creative self through your images.

Thus it is self-explanatory that food photography has a niche of its own in the photography industry. And the best part – it pays handsomely too! As per Glassdoor, the average annual salary of a food photographer in India is around 4,70,000 INR which puts many so-called “conventional” job salaries to shame. 

But then again, you need to be really proficient and professional in your approach to reach those numbers. There is a subtle difference between taking up photography as a hobby and as a profession.

So where do you start if you don’t know much about photography in general? It helps if you’re a foodie, possess a creative mind, and have clicked those few odd images for social media fame. But to tap into the professional side of this, where and how do you start?

Of course, at this moment you’re thinking, well, YouTube or Udemy?

Yes, you can gain a basic knowledge of the subject matter through YouTube or other free online sources. This way, you can also determine if your interest is skin-deep or you’re passionate enough to take the bull by the horns and take it up seriously. But at the end of the day, those are just ‘free’ courses designed to give you a basic idea. If you don’t belong to that particularly gifted breed, you probably require somewhat of a more seriously curated training module to elevate you from a part-time enthusiast to a full-time pro.

Enter industry-oriented instructor-led online professional food photography training modules. If you seriously want to gain a strong foothold in this career or want to switch careers for good, this is what you really need to go for.

What exactly would you learn in such a course? There are many courses from many kinds of course providers and instructors. Courses nowadays come in all shapes, sizes, and modes. But unfortunately, as of now, classroom food photography training is a no-go due to the social distancing norms in place. But that’s no major hurdle, after all, online training is just as good (if not better!)

At the School of Photography (SOP), a TGC Animation & Multimedia initiative, we are passionate about imparting the industry-best food photography certification training to our students. We have constantly been rated one of the best in India by our students, and our placement records are proof of our quality.

What would you be learning in our course? Our streamlined easy-to-grasp course has the following modules in order:

● Photography basics

● Cameras and Camera settings

● Shooting food in natural light 

● Shooting food in Studio light 

● Best setup to capture the best food pictures

● Food Framing and composition

● Food styling sessions from experts

● Image Processing with Adobe Lightroom and Photoshop

On successful completion, one would be able to perform globally recognized high-standard food-shoots for restaurants and food chains.

Did food photography catch your fancy yet? Now that you know what you’re in for, you might as well take the next step!

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