Are you planning to become a professional Photographer and excel your passion in photography to next level? Our Diploma course at SoP’s is just the kind of course you may need…This one year advanced diploma course in Photography will have just about everything that takes to take to become a professional photographer. Diploma course in Photography at SoP- is stuffed with academics to live shoot, exerting on live projects of industrial nature, weekly workshops, orientations from guest trainers and high focus on different genres of photography that includes Fashion, Portrait, Product, Architectural, People, Food and etc.




DSLR Camera Operations – 8-week 24-session 30 hr

  • Different lighting on different elements
  • Light study
  • Shuttle Speed / Lenses
  • DPC
  • ISO
  • Aperture and its working
  • Shutter and its working
  • Shutter and Aperture relationship
  • Light Metering – TTL
  • RAW & JPEG
  • White balance and custom
  • Zooming & Panning
  • Color Theory
  • Filters
  • Sensor – CMOS & CCD
  • Picture style
  • Shooting modes
  • External Flash system
  • Outdoor Shoot
  • Narrative still light
  • Composition
  • Rule of thirds
  • White balance and custom
  • Zooming & Panning
  • Types of Camera
  • Internal Flash System
  • External Flashes


UNDERSTANDING NATURAL LIGHT (Street and Portrait) – 2-weeks 8-sessions 16 hrs.

In order to become a good photographer one needs to understand natural light profoundly. This session covers topics like golden hours, effect of colour temperature on an image and shooting at dawn and dusk. This classroom session is followed by a practical session of exploring the magic of natural light with our experts.

A Brief History of the Photographic Process

  • Street Delhi
  • Monuments Delhi
  • Inspired by Goldsworthy
  • Light Study
  • Andre Kertesz Street
  • Portrait and texted on faces
  • Feel the Photography by Watching Bang bang club


 2-weeks -8 sessions 16 hrs.

Before shooting in a studio, it is vital to understand the studio environment and how photographic equipment is used. This session will be held inside our studio, which is equipped with all the desired equipment such as lights, stands, light meter, soft boxes, reflectors, honey combs, snoots, back drops etc. The use of each equipment will be explained. This will be followed by a practical session where the use a 1 light set up and 2 & 3 lights set up will be demonstrated.

  • Tour of Film Studio
  • Flooring Management
  • Intro. with Studio Lights and functions
  • Equipment’s and different impacts
  • Circle of lights
  • Types of lights


Photography with Studio Light- 2-week -8 sessions 16 hrs.

  • Low Key
  • High Key
  • Wedding Photography Tips
  • People Photography
  • Abstract Photography
  • Special Techniques

Activities to be done

  1. Vantage Points
  2. Inspired by Gregory Crewdson
  3. Self Portraits & Max Vadukul
  4. 2 small trades with their setup


Art & Conceptual (Narrative, Storytelling, Preps)- 2-weeks -8 sessions 16 hrs.

  • Photography & Me
  • Narrative based on movie
  • 7 deadly sins
  • Visually communicating and idea through image
  • loss
  • nostalgias


Interaction with Industry People & work like one of them- 2-weeks -8 sessions 16 hrs.

  • Art Director
  • Models on TV Artist
  • Singer
  • Designer
  • Line Producer
  • ·Press Reporter


Still Life 3-weeks -12 sessions 24 hrs.

  • Understanding Still Life
  • Photo shoot still life topic
  • Journey daily Routing


HDR Framing & Shooting 2-week -8 session 16 hr

  • HDR
  • Time-lapse
  • Hyper lapse
  • Panorama
  • Candid Photography
  • Light Painting
  • Stop Motion Photography
  • Creative Shutter
  • Understanding Exposure meter , Key lighting methods
  • Reflecting objects Light balancing ( Glass or Steel Product Photography)


Fashion Photography- 4-week -16 session 32 hr

  • Creative studio Lighting and glamour Lighting
  • Studying Various fashion stylist by Working with Designers
  • Understanding makeup With Professional Makeup Artists
  • Visual Aesthetics for photography
  • Understand various Fashion looks Ethnic Look Western Look formal look semi formal look
  • Use of gel papers & props
  • Lighting techniques
  • David Balley fashion style
  • Annie Libovitz style
  • Multiple shots.
  • Backdrops making


Street & People Photography 2-weeks -8 sessions 16 hrs.

SHOOTING A MONUMENT and People IN DELHI – This is the perfect wrap up session to this wonderful short-term course – a photo- walk where we also invite other photographers to join in. The idea is for you to meet professionals from the field and interact with them.


2-weeks -8 sessions 16 hrs.

The composition of a frame is the key to making a good photograph. It is very important to learn how to arrange elements within a frame to make the photograph stand out. This classroom session is followed by a practice session to explore a whole new world of frames; and learn to see how to fill or not fill your frame to make compelling images.


Product Photography – 2-weeks -8 sessions 16 hrs.

  • Camera, Lens, Features, Manual, Raw, Remote Shooting. ISO, Aperture,
  • Shutter Speed, Colour Temperature. Histogram, Levels, Overexposure, Underexposure, Correct exposure
  • Studio Lights / Outdoor Lights
  • Compositions
  • Product Photography
  • Product Photography for E-commerce
  • Product Photography for Catalogue
  • Product Photography for Advertising

Food Photography – 2-weeks -8 sessions 16 hrs.

  • Food Photography Basics
  • Lighting for Food Photography
  • Treating Cooked, Uncooked, Patisseries, Wines and Vegetables
  • Preserving aroma through techniques
  • Shooting Restaurants
  • Food Styling

Pre-Wedding and Wedding – 2-weeks -8 sessions 16 hrs.

  • Photography Business of Wedding and Pre Wedding
  • Art of Candid and Fake candid shots
  • Shooting Brides and Grooms
  • Traditions and Photography
  • Collecting and Managing works

Videography – 2-weeks -8 sessions 16 hrs.

  • Difference between Photography and Videography
  • Shooting and Editing Videos
  • Art of Compositions
  • Shooting short film as per script
  • Lighting for videography
  • Finishing a Project
  • Being a Youtuber

Portfolio Design – 2-weeks -8 sessions 16 hrs.

  • Choosing Best Photographs
  • Digital Portfolio
  • Print Portfolio
  • Instagram Profile and Role of Social media


  • Adobe LightRoom
  • Adobe Photoshop
  • Adobe Premier Pro
  • Adobe After Effects (Overview)
  • A DSLR Camera

School of Photography leading Photography Training Institute

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    What are the career prospects for a Photography fresh passed out students?

    Photographers can choose different fields and area to excel in. They may work as freelancer or for a company. They can find their assignments by networking or advertising.

    For example, portrait photographers may take pictures of events and people. They may operate in a studio or also travel to events like meetings and weddings. They also specialize in school pictures and travel to schools to take pictures of students.

    On the other side, news/ Photojournalist photographers work for newspapers, magazines, TV stations and websites. They capture recent events and use images to convey their details to the public.

    Industrial and commercial photographers take pictures for magazines, books, and ads, including archaeological findings, buildings, consumer goods, and outdoor scenery. They may take pictures for marketing companies and ads.

    Similarly, every growing E-commerce industry will appoint Product Photographer to shoot and upload pictures of products. Wedding/ Pre-Wedding Photographers will shoot wedding event.

    There is a surge in demand for Food Photographers nowadays, they are either appointed by Restaurants, Food Bloggers etc. and comes with lucrative career options.

    What all are the companies in Delhi and NCR hiring Freshers in Photography?

    There are different companies hiring freshers in photography in Delhi NCR like Flipkart, Amazon, Snapdeal, Images, Delhi Press, Shenaro Lifestyle, Orange Global, Losung E-services, DAKS INDIA and many others.

    What are things to keep in mind before we choose a good photography institute?

    When it comes to choose a photography institute, quality of training is the first thing that matters. Be sure they have well-qualified faculty with ample theoretical and practical knowledge.

    Another thing which matters is your budget. Not all photography institutes provide quality training at cheap rates. You need to be very careful if your budget is low.

    Also consider the infrastructure of the institute. Do they have all the equipment needed for photo editing and photography training? Do they have enough tools for all the students?

    What kind of earning a fresher in Photography students can make?

    On average, a fresher in photography can start from Rs. 17000 per month in India. If you start off as a junior photographer or assistant, you could get Rs. 23000 to Rs. 28000 monthly. At School of Photography we also assist students to take paid internships and freelance work opportunities, where students can earn while learning the course.

    Can we also work as a part time while learning Photography?

    Photography as a career can be an exciting option on a creative level. Photographers can work in different settings and meet different people. It is also technically demanding. If you want to become a photographer, you will need training before starting your career. Some photographers operate full time. But there are many who work on part time basis and their work may vary according to season.

    A lot of photographers start as an assistant while learning photography. Some may achieve certification in photography and gain competitive edge. Most organizations prefer well-trained photographers rather than beginners who don’t have knowledge in most of the creative and technical aspects.

    Should we need to buy a camera before we decide to learn Photography?

    According to the type of course you prefer, you might need a digital SLR. There is no lack of best digital SLRs used for beginners. Well having a camera or not is not important. It is your passion for photography which matters. If you have patience, creativity, and willingness to travel or work at odd hours, photography is the career option for you. But by the end of your course it is recommended to by buy a full frame camera.

    Is it expensive to become a good photographer?

    If you choose any recognized institute in India to learn photography, it can cost up to Rs. 65 thousand to 2.5 Lakh from 6 months to 2 years.


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