Top 5 Lights used for Professional Photography

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Great photography is not all about having the most expensive digital camera. Of course, best cameras yield best photographs. But great lighting can add life to the scene that even the professional cameras can’t do. Tgc India provides best portrait photography courses in Delhi.


Obviously, there is no better option than natural light for best photographs. But when it comes to shooting indoors, there are different types of lights you can use for professional photography. Though your camera has a flash unit, they don’t produce the best light. The key here is to make major changes to the direction and intensity of light for best results.


Flat Light

Flat lighting is simply the source of light facing at the front of the subject. It ensures the face is well lit and there is no shadow along the face. For portraits, it is not much required as shadows play a vital role to add life to your subject.


But it is helpful in some circumstances. Shadows can often reflect the textures and imperfections. This way, flat lighting helps when capturing pictures of teens to hide pimples on their face, babies with acne skin, and elderly to hide their wrinkles. Event photography classes in Delhi and portrait photography course in Delhi is provided best by Tgc India.


Broad Light

It is a kind of side lighting. In this type of lighting, the well-lit side is nearest to the camera and shadow appears on the back of face. This way, narrow face of the subject will look fuller.


Short Light

Unlike broad light, the shadow falls on the side which is nearest the camera. It is just opposite of broad light as it is best suited for subjects with the thin face and it is flattering on most individuals. When broad light can add focus on quality areas, it will also help remove imperfections like scars and acne. It is important to find out how your subject feels about those problems. Ask if they want to hide them with any lighting or them fine with short light. Learn more about event photography classes and portrait photography courses in Delhi from school of photography.


Split Light

It is a kind of sidelight but it hits your subject at 90-degree angle from the side. It can clearly be seen in an image when half of the subject has shadows and another part is being lit. A shadow line is being displayed down the middle of nose, forehead, and chin. Split lighting can make your subject look muscular and solid.



The backlight is simply a kind of light which comes from the back of the subject. It is often seen in pictures from the most awaited golden hour when the sun is about to set and is low in the horizon. But you can do it at any time of the day. For example, the window behind the subject in the mid of the day and flash behind the gel can add some fun. Backlight has some of the problems as it may lose clarity and add haziness in the subject.


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