Top Wildlife Photographers of all time

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Being a nature lover is not easy as it leaves you completely amazed and it possesses you deeply. You end up holding a camera and capturing pictures of what you see around. The nature is full of wonders which are really dazzling and impressive. You can spot different types of birds, plants, and wildlife with breathtaking landscapes which are rich in everything you need to capture the most amazing photos.

If you love wildlife and nature and enjoy exploring more about nature across the world, you will surely choose wildlife photography as a profession and start wildlife photography course in Delhi. If you want to follow the best wildlife photographers of all time, you are at the right place.


Anjan Lal (India)

He is an Indian wildlife photographer who captures pictures of the most valuable and candid moments in wildlife. He is a nature lover who captures flowers, birds, and landscapes in his camera. He travels to various parts of the world, including Kenya, India and Tanzania to capture wildlife and nature photos.


Gosia Makosa (Poland)

She specializes in equine photography and art. Take a look at the astonishing works based in her home town, Chobienice, Poland. She is a certified horse riding trainer and a great photographer and artist.


Reneta Ewald (South Africa)

Discover her passion for nature and wild photographer by looking at her pictures. She showcases the beauty of true wildlife in South Africa. She has experience of over 9 years in wildlife photography. She is aimed to show the stunning side of wildlife through her eyes to the world.


Andy Rouse (UK)

He is a world-renowned wildlife photographer and has 9 awards in the BBC Wildlife Photographer of the Year over the past 7 years. His photographs praise nature as well as wildlife and animals. He captures the most dangerous mammals in some unique styles.


Sudhir Shivaram (India)

He is a well-known Indian photographer who is well known for being one of the most professional and best wildlife photographers not only in India but also the whole world. He received a lot of awards and is also a brand ambassador of leading camera brand Canon. There are many institutes which provides best wildlife photography course in Delhi.


Isak Pretorius (South Africa)

He is a highly skilled wildlife safari guide and photographer. He shows the most special moments in nature through his photographs. He has won several awards and he is aimed to spread awareness of natural wonders in his continent.


Marina Cano (Spain)

She is one of the best wildlife photographers and she travels to different countries across the world to capture the best photographs, including England, Europe, South Africa, Cape Town, Kenya, Cabarceno, and Spain.


David Lloyd (New Zealand)

He captures his wildlife photos in different places like Richmond Park, Uganda, Rwanda, Botswana, and Kenya. His pictures can be spotted in various international publications.


Morkel Erasmus (South Africa)

He captures photos of anything he finds in the nature, including landscapes, birds, and wildlife. He spends most of the time observing the animals and captures their natural habitat from the fall to even at night.


Richard Peters (UK)

He also writes about wildlife photography for different websites, magazines and his official blog. He has won several awards for his wildlife photography.

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