You want to Learn Drone photography? Go Through Some Quick Points

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With the arrival of Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) technology, there is significant scope for drone photography in the world. Whether you want to do it as leisure, for a specific project, or as a passion to expand or make your career in aerial photography, there are different ways to get started. School of Photography in Delhi and Jaipur is a leading Photography institute in Delhi with legacy of hundreds of passed out students, enlighten you below about best practices in using drone photography as modern photography skill.


In this guide, we are going to discuss the tips to understand the safety, practical and legal regulations, equipments you need, and where to get training and certification.



According to the nature and complexity of drone photography, you need different types of equipments. You should know your options, i.e. cameras, add-ons, and drones, and then customize your UAV. For example, some drones are good at winds, while some are good to fly longer or higher. You should also choose the camera as per your goals.

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Before you head for drone outing, you should know all the legal drone regulations. In most areas, drone photography is prohibited, especially around the government buildings and airports.  You should know where you can legally operate the drone to avoid all the risks from penalty to getting your drone shot in the air. So, you should know about these laws to avoid all the hassles associated with it.


Learn how to operate drone

It could be the first stop to ensure success in drone photography. If you are unable to fly a drone, you cannot even get the footage that is useful. There is no big deal if you start with a basic drone. School of Photography provides best photography course in Delhi and Jaipur which teaches you the controls and you later move on to advanced maneuvers and drones.


Know how to configure settings of camera and drone

Filming with the drone property is not all about fixing a camera to the drone and allowing it to take off. A lot of drones have several maneuvering and speed settings and you need to adjust and test the camera settings properly to achieve the best shot possible for each session. It might take some time but you can gain specific experience and equipment with time to configure the equipment.


Battery Life

There is nothing more stressing and awkward than missing out the best shot just because of discharging battery. You should be familiar with the juice available in your drone’s battery or you risk losing a shot or drone itself because of crash.  Sop provides best photography course in Delhi.


Respect your Environment

Weather also plays a vital role in the success of drone photography. Heavy wind can easily throw a drone off. Lightning can knock out or strike your drone and put you at risk. Even when skies are clear, consider the sun. Shooting in the same direction of sun or into the sun can ruin your footage and display unwanted shadows and even damage shots so they can be unusable.


Bottom Line

The experts in drone photography know that experience is vital to excel in this craft. School of Photography from TGC India  is the best photography institute in India where you can learn best photography course in Delhi.

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